03 May 2014

Warren Haynes

Here are 3 colour versions of a personal illustration I did after hours to honour one of my all-time favourite musicians and to have something to match my wall.

17 March 2014

Barnacle-man. Seriously.

I didn't have time to draw anything purely for fun lately and I've been getting f***uucking irritated with my life drawing skills, so I had to draw a barnacle-man immediately to let off steam.

29 January 2014

New lady

One more sketch, from yesterday's session at Zagadka Coffeebar:

27 January 2014


Quick sketches from an earlier session and a longer study where I experimented with stronger light and contrast ...aaand didn't really manage to finish.

23 January 2014

Another selection of sketches from my sketchbook (10-30min)

If you live in Warsaw, be sure to check out the life drawing sessions organized by my friends, Wojtek and Mateusz!