23 January 2015

PKO BP - Ekooszczędzanie z SKO

A very nice project for PKO BP I worked on a few months ago.

"Pięć sposobów na ekooszczędzanie z SKO - przewodnik dla dzieci i rodziców"

DDB Warszawa

Sketches and art direction - Rafal Wojtunik/Imaginary Friend (He also developed the style and character designs for the entire project)



This may actually be the weirdest thing I've done so far. If you're interested in art prints, check out my profile at Society6

The acid trip begins...

* All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Stock photos credits go to:

Ryan McGuire
William Warby
Federico Racchi
Bob Jagendorf
Karen B. Jones


26 November 2014

Alior Bank

Here's some advertising stuff I did about one year ago for a TV commercial

Life drawing

Stuff from a couple of last drawing sessions:

And a usual reminder :)

- if you live in Warsaw, be sure to check out the life drawing sessions organized by my friends, Wojtek and Mateusz!