09 October 2013

06 October 2013

24 September 2013

Quick sketches

Some new quick sketches from a model, I found them funny (especially the small-headed guy), which is a good enough reason to post them

08 August 2013

Delta Blues

A new personal work I did after reading Schmid's 'Alla Prima' I'm trying to squeeze something new from the colours. I carry on with my bluesmen, I hope it will end up as an entire series of paintings, this one is entitled 'Delta Blues':

31 July 2013

Splinter Cell Animated Trailer

Here's a series of quick backgrounds I did for an animated version of the trailer for the new Splinter Cell game. It was a race against time :)

And the trailer itself:


Funny, I just found out that a fragment of one of my older works appeared in a card game last year.


I painted that for their contest and the rules did say that the works could be later used in some game-related materials. But it would be cool if they notified me at least.

28 July 2013


I didn't really have time to post new stuff lately, here's just a few quick sketches from the last life drawing sessions I attended:

...and some practice with Stan Prokopenko's free videos on yt:

12 May 2013

New guy in town

A new guy, I needed such a generic picture in my portfolio, though it doesn't look as good as I planned

25 April 2013

Faith No Mors

Back with some occult stuff ;) Another fake cover :)

(it's not a typo! mors = walrus in Polish ;} )

Bioshock Warsaw

New illustration, made for some Bioshock-inspired competition; it was supposed to be an interpretation of one of five big Polish cities. The picture is pretty large, so be patient :)

Hi-res link

24 April 2013

Zombie speedpainting

Here's a 1,5h sketch for a weekly speedpainting challenge. I guess it's the first time I've managed to confine myself to this time limit

31 March 2013

Practice makes perfect or maybe not

I do realize this post contains sketches of very questionable quality, but I've made a resolution that I'll post all this March Sketchbook Challenge stuff, so there is no turning back... ;) Just don't zoom in please...

Quick portraits of my faithful left hand:

And something rather new to me, a few sketches from the subway:

25 March 2013


Here's my final version of the logo for our art group, which we eventually decided to use. I invite you to follow our facebook page:


Aaaand our blog, which will soon be filled with pictures:


20 March 2013

Majlsy Dejwisy

Another sheet of sketches I did today as part of my daily practice. I approached them with slightly more focus than usually and I suppose this is the sheet I'm most satisfied with so far. Which doesn't mean that I'm no longer ashamed of my traditional skills ;)

Sketchbook Challenge part 4

Another practice set, I keep searching for solutions which I could transfer to digital painting

And somehow I keep drawing excessively large heads

18 March 2013

CD cover

Another CD cover for another non-existent band, this time a stoner legend

15 March 2013

Sketchbook Challenge part 3

I'm in the middle of the challenge, having covered 15 sheets of paper with drawings. I'm not too happy about their quality, to be honest. The faces are hardly recognizable (can you see Christopher Lee and Alexander Lukashenko in one of the sheets? Actually, this sheet is entirely devoted to Sean Connery... :d), but it isn't really something I care about, I'm trying to develop some technique and code some generic proportions in my brain. What I AM really pleased with, is how I manage to maintain discipline - I didn't even think that I would get so far as day 15!

14 March 2013


A project of a logo I did for a mysterious art group you're not allowed to speak about:

12 March 2013

LP cover

I did a fake LP cover for a jazz/funk/fusion band which doesn't exist. But if it did, it would sound pretty much like this:

I did it for free. I'm a man of strong principles and I never charge bands which don't exist.

10 March 2013

A couple of sketches

My first nude lady drawn from observation of a live model. There are many things about this picture that I hate, and two that I actually like. I mostly concentrated on the light and proportions, though they still turned out a bit off anyway. The time was around 2 hours and the size of the picture after cropping is slightly larger than A4.

Drawing boobs since 2013
'Nope. Theese boobs are still far from perfect. They certainly need more attention'

A warm-up head from imagination to try out the borrowed pencil

 Aaand more ink sketches for the March Sketchbook Challenge:

06 March 2013

Sketchbook Challenge

Some sketches (from photo references) I've done so far for the March edition of Sketchbook Challenge. No, I didn't intentionally obscure the worst parts from the view.

All right, I did.

In general, I'm trying to do something about my drawing, I tend to tranfer certain solutions from painting to drawing when I'm using pencils and that's totally not what I'm aiming for. That's why I resort to ink, which will hopefully force me to search for new solutions. At the same time I'm trying to work on the proportions, but it's a very unforgiving medium... :)

24 February 2013


Practising what I most suck at...

Drawing my left hand with my right hand.

23 February 2013

A welcoming bat

Hello and welcome to my blog! My hopes are that owning a blog will eventually make me practice and post new stuff on a regular basis. Any feedback will be most appreciated :)

Here's a quick wardrobe bat for a start :